Specialist tax advice,
litigation support
and advocacy
Working with professional advisers
or businesses and
individuals directly
Strategic, procedural and
technical support of a barrister at
every stage of a tax dispute

Welcome to Northgate Tax Chambers

Northgate Tax Chambers is the first specialist Tax Chambers in the North of England and is regulated by the Bar Standards Board. Based in Manchester, we offer expert advice, litigation support and representation in all areas of tax law.

It provides a progressive approach to a traditional profession. In addition to acting on behalf of clients in the usual Counsel capacity, advising on the merits of a case, drafting documents and providing advocacy services, clients have direct access to the specialist expertise of a barrister at all stages of a tax dispute.

Chambers offers a user-friendly, personalised service that is accessible to all, providing clear, pragmatic advice, advocacy and representation of the highest standards.


Chambers accepts instructions from professional clients and members of the public directly. This is a cost effective and efficient solution for clients, further details of which may be found here.


We are one of the few Chambers with members who are authorised to conduct litigation, meaning that we can assist with aspects of litigation that were usually reserved for solicitors. Further details may be found here.